Welcome to Cycling Logistics! Fifteen years. That is how long this enterprise has been in business. From humble beginnings with a converted school bus and homemade baggage “coffin” to a custom made, self-contained trailer pulled by a mechanically tricked-out Chevy, we have grown our services and customer base, appreciative of the many stalwart fans who would never consider using any other provider for the things deemed necessary when undertaking an organized, week-long bicycle ride. There have been “Ah ha!” moments and “Oh no!” moments but like any bicycle rider passionate about riding, we have picked ourselves up, re-tooled and continued business as usual or gone into the workshop to tweak, invent and otherwise improve on an idea, always with our customers’ comfort and satisfaction in mind.  And in return, we have been rewarded with the best group of loyal customers any businessperson could hope for, a lot of them references from existing customers. But there is a time for every season and 2015 will be our time. We will be retiring the business at the end of that year and a bittersweet year it will be. Once again, thank you for your patronage and faith. While reflection can be nice, next year awaits! Because of changes in two of the regular organized rides we vend for, Cycling Logistics will only be providing service for BRAG (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia), BRAT (Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee) and CNC (Cycle North Carolina). We would love to have as many people join us on all our rides for 2015. Just remember, registration for regular Llama services will open January 5 and can be accessed from the “Book Here” tab on this website.  Spaces for each ride are limited so don’t dawdle if you want a spot. Hope to see you down the road! Blake and Bobbie